Miralles 1986 proposes to its customers several lines of men's footwear that can be combined with different lifestyles or specific contexts that are part of everyday life consumer. Don't miss the opportunity to wear the latest trends in men's footwear trends. In this store, exclusive designs in sports shoes by Yohji Yamamoto for the firm ADIDAS included in the brand Y-3 come together in the same catalog . A firm that has become one of the references of ‘streetwear’ bringing products made with top-quality materials to the general public and with a truly innovative approach in terms of design. Yamamoto's experimentation in each of his works, during the late twentieth century served as inspiration for RAF SIMONS , who has also managed to take sports footwear to other areas of the urban subculture, making a name for himself. world level and establishing itself as a fundamental piece within this catalog. On the other hand, within its wide repertoire of 'sneakers', Miralles has other more classic style models adapted to the 21st century, such as NEW BALANCE , with very attractive color combinations associated with' vintage 'that do not go out of style thanks to advances in technology and first-rate materials. Miralles 1986 also has an attractive repertoire of traditional men's footwear with true pieces of authentic luxury, which pay tribute to lifelong artisan manufacturing and which, due to their exclusive nature, are reserved for ceremonies, large events, business meetings, conferences. , etc. Good taste comes from the hand of famous firms such as JOHN LOBB, PAUL SMITH, or CALCE , artisan pieces made by hand with the best materials to give a touch of distinction and elegance to big events. MIRALLES 1986 in turn, also presents its line of footwear for men based on the Blake manufacturing method, the preferred method by Italian shoemakers.

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