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Scarves, handkerchiefs, and foulards are accessories that by themselves convey a certain elegance in their appearance. Its simple presence in the daily wardrobe provides a certain finesse and style thanks to attractive designs that correctly combined with the rest can cause a sensation wherever you wear them. Their disposition, whether they fall around the shoulders or rolled around the neck, makes them very elegant garments, whether in the spring or winter season, on the hottest or humid days. Undoubtedly, men's scarves and scarves are becoming more and more fashionable, whether they are stamped with baroque motifs, as is the case with the ETRO firm, or combined in a single color with the rest of your clothing. It also gives rise to experimentation in graphic design through the Japanese line commanded by Yohji Yamamoto Y-3 in collaboration with Adidas, with complex and attractive compositions, achieving a perfect combination of colors and illustrations and inspired by a naturist style. We must never forget the importance of arranging a scarf around the neck, as there are different ways to place them around the neck, either with a crossed, interlaced, toga-like knot or folded down the middle. A good knot can make a difference in your clothing and is key to giving your wardrobe the necessary glamor. Scarves and scarves can be perfectly combined with all kinds of garments, whether it be a dress suit, or within what can be called a 'sport' wardrobe. As for scarves, it is a very useful garment in the winter months. They not only inspire elegance but also help protect you from the cold, thanks to components such as wool, ideal for retaining human warmth. At Miralles 1986 we offer you different alternatives so that you don't miss the latest news and trends from the main specialized brands in the market.

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