The ideal wardrobe is always conditioned with a heterogeneous range of pants, of varied styles, and for any time of year. For example, there are jeans, popularly known as ‘jeans’, a very helpful resource and functional garment where they exist, which is perfectly adapted to daily use, being at the same time symbols of rebellion and youth. Made of ‘denim’ fabric, a resistant cotton twill fabric, they allow better conservation of the garment, in addition to extensive experimentation in its manufacturing process in terms of dyeing and can sometimes appear with wear or even tears. The ‘sport’ trousers, for their part, are usually made of thick cotton or elastane, they adapt perfectly to any combination of garments as a ‘casual’ wardrobe item, and also come in a wide variety of color tones and even prints. Not to forget the sweatpants, ideal for exercising, with elastic support and adjustable drawstrings. Shorts, for their part, are a more useful element in the summer season, or they are intended for sports activities. On the other hand, we have the classic dress pants, ideal for any event or special meeting, and which tend to be a fundamental part of a more formal wardrobe. Miralles 1986 aims to ally itself with the most avant-garde trends and has a wide repertoire of men's trousers for all types of contexts, from running shorts by Y-3 or comfortable shorts by ETRO to enjoy the summer, to the classic jeans by NUDIE JEANS , in different colors and with the best materials on the market. If what the client is looking for is an element of elegance and distinction, we invite you to explore exclusive ‘sport’ designs by PAUL SMITH, CANALI, or JACOB COHEN each of these garments, among others. Find your ideal size through our online store and enjoy the comfort and style of the best brands on the market.

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