The polo shirt is another of the most used garments during the spring and summer months. As for its characteristics in terms of adaptation to a specific style, it is usually more formal than a shirt and more informal than a shirt, which is almost always accompanied by a jacket. This garment generally made of cotton jersey, usually has a collar and its fall can be short or long. They usually have a collar and are buttoned, although sometimes the closure can be zipped, as well as optionally including a pocket in the chest area. Different shades or stampings can be included on the surface, making possible different attractive creations, with the personal stamp of each manufacturer. This type of clothing had its birth in the early twentieth century, to uniform teams that played sports, such as polo, soccer, or rugby. The Miralles 1986 men's polo catalog brings together the latest trends in polo shirts from prestigious firms such as POLO RALPH LAUREN, Y-3, or STONE ISLAND, of all sizes, so they can fit anyone. In this catalog, you can find garments framed in a more casual or sporty style in some cases or knitted pieces for a more formal touch.

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