Miralles 1986 has unique and innovative models from the best brands worldwide. Designs intended for running, trail running, trekking or mountain hiking, tennis ... Nowadays sports shoes, popularly known around the world as ' sneaker s', have become a essential accessory for daily use. The use of these items is not only limited to the sports field, but is increasingly used as a key element in a sports wardrobe, of informal and carefree use. Some brands have even wanted to see sports shoes as a luxury item and turn them into a more precious and elegant item. This catalog of sneakers brings together prestigious models from ADIDAS ORIGINALS, CONVERSE LAB or NEW BALANCE , great classics within the sportswear range, which due to their tradition in design and incorporation of top-quality materials , they never disappoint their audience. For these brands, the constant updating of ' vintage' articles is an extremely interesting contribution and proof that any previous model does not go out of style. On the other hand, the presence of Y-3 by the hand of the Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto is a breath of fresh air and renewal, thanks to a more transgressive style in his formal aspects, and lines that break with the established in most of his works. In its collaboration with ADIDAS, the predominance of black and white brings sobriety and the use of innovative materials such as the EVA midsole give its shoes a great cushioning capacity and comfort at every step taken with them. RAF SIMONS for his part, follows a similar line in terms of experimentation and conveys his particular vision of urban subculture to the public. You will find the latest news in sports footwear and the most exclusive brands at Miralles 1986, to give a touch of prestige, elegance and finesse to your wardrobe.

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