Sweatshirts, also called t-shirts, are garments that are usually made of cotton and have been widely used in the world of sports. These garments are usually a recurring piece in what comes to be a typical youth wardrobe. With a hood and side pockets on both sides on most occasions, its use has been transferred to a casual, relaxed, and comfortable wardrobe. They also tend to be used for sports activities, whether for running or cycling. The sweatshirt can also adopt the style of the warm sweater, as a complement to dressing over an undershirt. The origin of this garment is in the Middle Ages. Possibly influenced by the Normans in England, the monks of the monastery wore an outfit consisting of a hooded robe. The sweatshirt, as its name suggests, is a garment that has been made to absorb sweat, which is why it has become very popular in sports and many teams and athletes usually wear this clothing when they perform all kinds of outdoor activities. free. The introduction of the hoodie was carried out by the Champion company in the 30s of the 20th century. Initially, it was a garment for operators who demanded a specific type of clothing that would allow them to work under certain conditions. However, time passed and its use began to spread in other areas, such as the gym. The novelty arises from this moment, with the inclusion of a front zipper to facilitate its use. In Miralles 1986, it is intended to project the point of view of the counterculture from the sporting style of this garment, taking inspiration from the skaters of the 70s and 80s or different artists who took to the streets to vindicate your art. All of them used the sweatshirt as usual clothing and marked style in an indirect way. That is why the ‘urban tribes’ that have set a trend in fashion years later have been formed. The case of 'hip hop' in the 90s is a clear reference that has marked a before and after in terms of inspiration thanks to the use of the sweatshirt, and in every men's wardrobe today it is common to see one of these garments by hand. Through this catalog, we propose different styles, more sporty in the case of Y-3 or ARIES ARISE, or more artistic with brands such as LIMITATO, which will delight the user, thanks to an attractive proposal in sizes, materials, and design. </

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