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Would you like to dress as seductive as Leonardo di Caprio in The Wolf of Wall Street? Or look just as stylish as James Bond downing his Martini with vodka? You don't have to go to Hollywood to get the suits of the most exclusive brands at ceremonies and events.

Would you like to dress as seductive as Leonardo di Caprio in The Wolf of Wall Street? Or look just as stylish as James Bond downing his vodka Martini? You don't have to go to Hollywood to get the suits of the most exclusive brands at ceremonies and events.

The prestige of Scabal, Our fashion brand par excellence for ceremonies, is of such magnitude that the producers of the film industry commission those who dress some of the most emblematic characters of the seventh art of films such as The Godfather, Casino, El Lobo de Wall Street, Men in Black, James Bond or Titanic.


Guillermo Miralles passion for fashion and quality design reflects its greatest exponent in our Ceremony by Miralles 1986 section , where we have the most representative designers of luxury and elegance. In today's post we are going to introduce this concept that has always had a place in our store, but which we like to highlight its importance when important dates are approaching for all our customers.

At Miralles 1986 we like to be attentive to the needs of each one of you and we know that there are many of you who have appointments and special events around the corner: weddings, communions , etc. Therefore, we want to put at your disposal a series of services to give you all the possible facilities and that all you have to do is ENJOY the road.

Exclusive ceremony services

Prior appointment for exclusive attention

We want to pamper every moment of your trip with us with exhaustive care. The first thing we want to remind you is that at Miralles 1986 you can count on a unique experience by ensuring a prior appointment with us. In this way, you will be able to enjoy total exclusivity when trying on or choosing clothes that will mark such special days. Get in touch with us and our experts will advise you in the most professional way possible. We are at your disposal body and soul to help you choose the key elements for your look, both in the choice of fabrics and the style with which you best identify.

Tailored suits, also at home

Likewise, we know that many of you like to wear tailored suits, those capable of capturing the emotion of such a significant date. In Miralles 1986 it was not going to be less. You can take advantage of our personalized service and have one of our private tailors.

The beauty of a garment is that it fits the silhouette perfectly. We take the precise measurements and we adjust the fabric to the millimeter to guarantee that each creation is an impeccable match until the day of its staging of the long-awaited event. We serve you with the utmost discretion in your home or office, you decide!

Our entire team is very clear about our differentiating factor compared to other brands: at Miralles 1986 we take care of even the smallest detail. Our secret is the customization that we offer you in tailored suits, our added value. We take into account even the smallest element so that you shine in such a special ceremony. From possible embroidered initials on a dress shirt, some buttons, to lining pockets.

Each choice will make your garment even more unique and distinctive, making it a truly unique creation of yours.

Unique guarantee for you

And you still haven't heard the best. We offer you an exclusive guarantee for you with which we include a continuous and particular reconditioning service throughout the useful life of your garments. Would you like to wear your suit again for another occasion? The symbiosis of the excellent quality of our ceremony garments and the permanent assistance you can count on means that you will not have any problems.

Constant advice from our professionals

Do you need advice? At Miralles 1986 we care a lot about the details and we will be happy to offer you style consultancies and tailoring services so that you have everything in mind before any ceremony. Also, with patience and effort, we have been able to adapt to new ways of working and serving our clients due to the restrictions derived from the Coronavirus. At any time, you can book a video call with one of our professionals to clarify any questions or even specify the exclusive delivery of the garments you have selected for your event.

At Miralles 1986 we take care of all the details so that you can wear a unique and elegant wardrobe for all kinds of ceremonies and mass events. Do you want to have everything prepared and ready for that long-awaited day and date? Contact us and book your appointment , call us at 963 518 679 or directly visit our store at C / Moratín 10 , 46001, Valencia. We are waiting for you!

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