RUN OF, the signature sneaker symbol of expressive freedom

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The Italian sneaker brand RUN OF defines itself as synonymous with expressive freedom and extreme research. Get to know their latest collections at Miralles

RUN OF is an Italian firm fruit of the passion and obsession of its founder Matteo Ciuti for sneakers.

With two decades of experience in the world of design and fashion, Ciuti has countless collaborations with the best brands and individual projects. It is in the year 2020 when he first ventured into the sneaker project, his dream finally has a RUN OF name.

RUN OF presents its first collection at Pitti Uomo No 97 in January 2020, the date on which its iconic BODRUM model is presented. This collection was immediately successful in the market and the shoe was immediately considered one of the most original sneakers proposed in the 2020 winter season.

The RUN OF team wanted to create a product that is difficult to catalog and with a very strong personality. Your shoes, like the world around us, are a melting pot of styles, inspirations, materials, and philosophies.

Your BODRUM model is a free platform in which to express your way of life in an eclectic way, without aesthetic limits of any kind, and above all seeking to abandon the usual way of seeing a shoe.

The style of the shoe comes from many contaminations: from the vintage, just look at the running sole from the 70s, to the fashion, the use of precious materials, and the technical, the rubber rear heel reinforcement.

The production is Italian and its association with BOEMOS, a company with 70 years of history and a leader in the world of footwear, allows them to develop a high-quality handcrafted product, but with a global vision that radically revises the Italian concept of footwear. They are considered MADE IN ITALY 2.0.

At Miralles, we present the CRUEL, HUNTER, AND CARBONIFERA models. Discover the brand of sneakers of the moment in our store and in our online store.

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