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Italian fashion specializing in wedding suits

CANALI is an Italian luxury brand for men founded in 1934 by Giacomo Canali and Giovanni Canali. Since its inception, the Canali brothers have been a paradigm of bespoke luxury fashion and masculine elegance. Their knowledge and experience have led them to create masterpieces in terms of comfort and elegance, finding the perfect balance of elements that combine culture and history with an unbeatable style and taste. The basic principle of the Italian firm is innovation to achieve aesthetic perfection. It constantly renews its styles offering meticulous attention to detail and the use of premium fabrics.

They promote their values ​​of exclusivity not only through their collections of clothing, shoes and accessories, but also through the unparalleled Su Misura service, which combines the experience of its specialists to Measured with the art of tailors to create distinctive suits, blazers, pants and shirts by hand. The Su Misura service allows you to create personalized garments that are totally unique and perfectly adapted to the tastes of each client depending on their needs or the context in which they must be handled. In CANALI you can customize suits, jackets, pants, coats and dress shirts. With the help of its specialists, the client can choose from more than 500 different options, any detail, fit and fabric. CANALI is a brand that aims to transcend taste and beauty in each of its confections, absorbing the essence of exclusive beauty within the reach of few, and transferring it into a combination of volume and colors.

Each CANALI handcrafted piece exudes finesse and delicacy, both in the use of the material and in the finishes, with metallic details or fabrics of great softness and cleanliness. Cotton pants in different colors for a more sporty clothing and American jackets synonymous with elegance and distinction are some of the most popular garments in the firm's catalog. Wool jumpers or high neck cardigans have the essence of a job well done and the proper care of transalpine design and tailoring. Horizontal and vertical striped prints and muted colors on the garments convey sobriety and generate different combinations in any wardrobe. Other elements for a ‘casual’ wardrobe that are not without taste, such as hooded parkas or drawstring jogger pants speak of the versatility of this repertoire of clothing. In short, CANALI is one of the best options for a quality men's wardrobe synonymous with elegance.