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MooRER is an Italian firm that defines itself as a project independent of current fashions, with a style in continuous evolution. Art, curiosity and their independence make the garments of this Italian firm a synthesis of emotions and genius. All MooRER products have a relationship with stories, experiences and sensations. The creative process, its materials and accessories are in a perfect balance to achieve a simple, clean and elegant style.

Elements, details and products that perfectly define this Italian firm. Their leisure jackets and coats are made of high-quality materials and workmanship. Attention must be paid to the detail of a small pocket at the top of the garments of these clothes. The intention of this small detail is to put a handkerchief. A simple and elegant touch. MooRER since its genesis, it has been nurturing countless stories, ideas and sensations, in order to build all of this into exclusive garments with their own personality. Thus, the constant references to art have helped a lot in this, turning the design phase into a more mature process, and choosing balance as a key element in each of his works. The simplification in elements that by themselves give essence to a design generates pieces with a more concrete message.

MooRER explores in art different forms of expression to achieve beauty in each of its garments, managing to take care of each production process to the smallest detail and generating a final product of authentic luxury. The MooRER style knows no time, is constantly evolving and tries to adapt to innovations. Within the creative process, there is an arduous job of selecting materials and accessories. In the making of each of the garments, sobriety and elegance are sought, the result of the aforementioned balance. The artistic work seeks to represent the philosophy of MooRER , a reflection of what the firm is, and that is why it has to faithfully reflect what its genesis is intended to express. In conclusion, MooRER tries to bring to the general public a process of great artistic richness that projects different visions of the company represented in pieces of great elegance. To end an interesting phrase that summarizes the philosophy of MooRER:

“I believe in the elegance of simplicity, in eliminating the superfluous, that is why I am satisfied only with excellence. The desire is to always offer the best, with sobriety and class ”.

Moreno Faccincani - Moorer CEO