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An idea embodied in your jeans

NUDIE JEANS is a jeans manufacturing company founded in Gothenburg, Sweden, by Maria Erixon in 2001. This brand is specialized in the use of denim, a resistant cotton fabric. This fabric has become an industrial reference in the manufacture of ‘jeans’ worldwide. Denim arises from a famous mix called Indigo, where the longitudinal threads that are kept on the loom and that highlight the pants are dyed, while the weft threads that remain underneath are left in white. The result of all this are blue trousers of different shades, while the inside of them is white.

One of the fundamental characteristics of these pants is that, thanks to the use of resistant materials such as denim, they have a great durability and resistance to wear, in addition to It is a fabric capable of adapting to changes. The ‘jeans’ are also garments that cover a very wide use, since they can cover a wider age range, from a child or youth consumer to older people. NUDIE JEANS jeans are made to be used for a long time. Its design and its components make its garments become your second skin. Made from 100% organic cotton, Nudie Jeans have gotten into ‘eco’ fashion. They have been out of their home country of Sweden for almost 3 years, but they are here to stay.

MIRALLES 1986 has different shades of pants by NUDIE JEANS , in stretch denim, for greater comfort in use. Patches are included to complement the pants, giving them added value. The 'jeans' also stand out. Rumbling Blues , some pants that have been manipulated under the abrasion technique leaving see the different white stitching and combined with flashes of blue in dark and light tones. The Thin Finn series includes narrow-cut trousers made of cotton and polyester with a slightly tapered leg opening. NUDIE JEANS has focused its production for a long time on denim jeans, although they have expanded their spectrum to other types of accessories or garments.

All organic denim jeans production is located in Italy. This Swedish brand arose from the need to make a different garment in the denim market. They want their products to contribute to the care and minimum impact on the environment. They are a revolutionary brand since they have a space for the repair of articles.

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