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Clothes that mix streetwear style with tailored details. Special detail in the collaborations and importance of the brand's logos.

Aries Arise is a brand that in a short time managed to place itself in the center of the creative heart of London, thanks to the union of two strong and visionary minds whose names are not new to the streetwear community. On the one hand, the designer Sofía Prantera, who was in the cult brand " SILAS " in the mid-90s, and Fergus Purcell, designer of the iconic logo of " PALACE SKATEBOARDS ”. With this new project, both decide to approach fashion in a more experimental way, reconciling streetwear and anti-fashion clothing of the young people of the 80s with the best Italian tailoring techniques. In fact, much of their catalog is usually made in Italian workshops and the "tie-dye" garments are dyed and printed by hand in their own workshop.

Aries Arise garments have textile finishes made with state-of-the-art nanotechnology, which allows repelling all kinds of liquids and splashes, protecting the body so that it keeps its distance from them. Tie-dye can be applied to a multitude of bases, such as flat knit, cotton, viscose, polyester, nylon, and derived blends.

Aries Arise values ​​and identity

This brand is committed to true organic growth and very limited distribution, so it is not easy to access the latest news that hit the market. Aries Arise is characterized by being a firm that during all this time affects the stylistic field of suburban culture, cyberpunk, raves or different urban tribes, combining all this with the best materials and generating an interesting range of youth garments whose impact it is immediate. An example of this is that the inking and printing mechanics of each of the products have been carried out in the same studio, giving the resulting garments an artistic contribution that makes them unique.

As for the design concept of Aries Arise, it is closely linked to the classic minimalism characteristic of Ancient Greece, much to the taste of the artist Fergus Purcell. It is the reinterpretation of the classic and its connection with the modern that makes this brand an indispensable element in the wardrobe. To all this, they add an infinite number of logos to the garments and their underwear collection is especially relevant, as well as their collaborations with authentic Hype style firms.

Aries Arise Collaborations

One of the most successful collaborations was the presentation of the Aries Arise x New Balance capsule collection, a combination of sportswear with an urban style that managed to bring a unique series of clothing and footwear. In this collaboration of two such powerful brands, they played with the mixture of their aesthetic codes, their authenticity, and their know-how to achieve a different and original collection for their winter campaign. Aries Arise reinvented the NB 327 model and turned it into Aries 4 New Balance, eliminating the typical image of running shoes with a vintage touch and wrapping it in an early 90's style, so characteristic of the brand. Aries Arise, through his unconventional patterns, proved once again that creativity and simplicity can make a good team.

Another of Aries Arise's very peculiar collaborations was not with another fashion firm, but with the brand of rum Havana Club manufactured in Santa Cruz del North, Cuba. At the beginning of 2020, they presented the Butterfly project, a multimedia work around the drag and trans community of Havana. Both brands managed to create an audiovisual project that contained and exhibited a capsule collection of garments, a film, a book, and the launch of a new limited edition of the classic Havana 7 bottle. Polaroid snapshots, taken by Irish photographer Joshua Gordon, portrayed the situation of the country's drug and trans community in a crude, rigorous, and highly artistic poetic way. All garments, such as shirts, socks, and caps, were stamped with a reinvented logo merging the identity of the two brands: Havana Club and Aries Arise.

In the summer of 2020, Aries Arise also launched into the world of jewelry with the collaboration Aries Arise x Hillier Bartley presenting a new joint collection and limited edition. The luxury brand and the English streetwear brand, released a capsule with seven exclusive and different pieces to combine in the 14K gold-plated paper earring by Hillier Bartley or in the necklace, also in gold, by Aries Arise. . Each of the jewels represents characteristic icons of both brands, such as the temple or the pentagram of Aries and the Hillier Bartley bunny.

On the other hand, one of the most original and curious collections of Aries Arise was presented on Christmas 2020 through Aries Gift Shop 2020, a collection made up of random and definitive gifts, such as different garments and accessories with a very street style aesthetic, to succeed at Christmas time. In addition, these gift ideas include an exclusive selection from the Aries Arise Cup and Plate Set and her collaboration with English conceptual artist Jeremy Deller.

This Aries Arise x Jeremy Deller collaboration product mix is ​​decorated with black and gold graphics, which they obtained from the last time they worked together in 2018. Previously, they had collaborated on the Wiltshire B4 Christ exhibition, inspired by Stonehenge and Neolithic sites surrounding the county of Wiltshire.

Aries Arise Collection

In this collection, the designers of Aries Arise have wanted to present a wide range of products for all tastes, from hooligan keychains with anime or cartoon illustrations, to stickers, pins, masks, and disinfectant gels, even pieces of jewelry, bottle openers and silk scarves. Of course, they could not miss fashion accessories, such as scarves, t-shirts, and socks, with the graphic print so characteristic of the British firm: "No problemo".

For this 2021, Aries Arisa has once again surpassed itself with Fortune Favors the Rave , a new spring-summer collection inspired by the raves of the years 80s and 90s, heavy metal and even takes references from California surf culture. Thus, the so characteristic streetwear of the London firm is once again fused with high fashion, presenting a series of garments steeped in different styles and cultures. The wide and varied range of Aries Arise for the next season is not wasted: from knitwear to Hawaiian-style shirts, shorts, and long pants made of a multitude of materials such as leather or denim, even innovative accessories for the most daring, like their handkerchiefs.

In this collection, Aries Arise also uses its characteristic patterns combining bright colors and other more neutral ones. Another of the brand's peculiar elements, its nods to Ancient Greece, is shown in these garments through the mythical logo formed by the temple of Aries. In addition, this new delivery also brings news in terms of the textiles used. For example, knitted garments surprise us with the use of a space tine yarn made from recycled material. On the other hand, the jeans have been added details as original as vinyl and acid wash print. The Japanese dyeing technique, better known as Shibori, returns once again through the very characteristic material of nylon.

As something peculiar novelties of Aries Aries SS21, we can find the tracksuit shorts that are combined with the classic windbreaker garments and, even, with a mini skirt with an elastic waist. In addition to other styles of pants, such as bells, fitted mesh garments, and rainbow print lace shirts. All this makes up this new collection for the next spring-summer 2021 season, full of new patterns that continue to strengthen the brand's mythical arty background.

At Miralles 1986 we offer our clients the latest news from Aries Arise, a brand that has the stamp of nonconformity and experimentation as basic pillars of its philosophy.