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Sign of quality in the world of international tailoring

MIRALLES 1986 has wanted to include in its catalog of men's fashion one of the mainstays in the manufacture of made-to-measure clothing, and a reference in the Classic tailoring such as SCABA L. SCABAL stands out for the wide variety of fabric and color combinations, allowing the user to customize each garment to their liking. In a context framed in a wardrobe intended for large events, ceremonies, business meetings, among others, it is necessary to preserve personal status and distinction, thanks to exclusive garments that also stand out for their elaboration with the best fabrics on the market. Stefano Rivera is currently the CEO of a firm that currently focuses on the premium sector of menswear. SCABAL is the acronym for "Societé Commerciale Anglo Belgo Allemande Luxembourgueise". Therefore, it is a textile company present in more than 60 markets and the result of the union of the best European tanneries.

SCABAL differs from other manufacturers in that it controls the entire production process of its fabrics. The difference between SCABAL compared to other firms is that it does not skimp on resources when it comes to quality. Its factory is located in the county of Yorkshire, on the banks of the River Holme. Its origins date back to 1938, when Otto Hertz, a Belgian textile merchant and supplier, founded the company.

 As a textile company, SCABAL is based in Brussels, and uses its production to manufacture formal clothing such as suits, jackets and shirts for men. It also makes different fabrics typical of classic tailoring, for sale within the textile business. Almost all SCABAL fabrics are produced at its Huddersfield plant, located in the UK. SCABAL has stores in different parts of the world, from London (Savile Row), to Paris, through Brussels, Geneva and other places in Asia, such as Shanghai or Seoul. For the story, and framed in the collective imagination of the world of culture, his cinematographic contributions remain, such as his collaboration in the costumes of The Godfather I and II (Both Marlon Brando and Robert de Niro used SCABAL in these two feature films). The firm has also been present in other films such as the Wolf of Wall Street, Men in Black, James Bond or Titanic.

Within the logistics process, SCABAL remains in close contact with merino wool producers, especially from Australia, with the intention of obtaining the best fleeces from wool, the parts of the animal that, due to their resistance and finesse, make up a higher quality raw material. This firm also works with a wide variety of fabrics, such as silk, cashmere, yangir, mohair, cotton, vicuña, kapok ... etc. SCABAL is a pioneer in technological innovation applied to the world of fabrics, the culmination of which is the SUMMIT S 250's collection, which is Merino wool below 12 Microns . SCABAL has specialized over time in the production of authentic luxury garments, belonging to very exclusive collections such as Diamond Chip, Lapis Lazuli, Treasure Box ... etc.