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Elegant men's shoes since 1959

CALCE is a family business originally from Almansa that has been making shoes for an elegant man since 1959 . Through three generations of expert shoe artisans, they have focused on a good adaptation to change over the decades, which has allowed them to grow and improve the company from the point of view of shoe design, quality and comfort.

CALCE is distinguished by the exclusivity when selecting each type of leather and fabric in each of its shoes, enjoying the prestige gained with years of experience within the industry. Convenience and comfort, always thinking about the consumer's well-being, is another of the most characteristic hallmarks of a firm that is defined by the use of different concepts in manufacturing, such as Redell or < strong> Black , which give your shoes great comfort, resistance and durability. CALCE through years of experience, has become a reference in men's footwear for events, business meetings and highly demanding changing rooms, with glove, sachetto, bolognese designs, framed in the aforementioned 'Redell' technique. To look for elegant and fine footwear for ceremonies or weddings, you don't have to look far, as CALCE ensures exquisite work at all levels. Leather boots also stand out among their repertoire, for their comfort and versatility, as they are taken into account as a complement to a more sporty wardrobe, and are not exempt from elegance.