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Pants with exclusive profile and innovative design

PT01 is a trousers company that originates from the Italian city of Turin. Pierangelo Fassino was a fabric wholesaler that went on to become one of the largest specialists in the manufacture of trousers. His son Edoardo introduced in the family business a line of pants highly demanded in the luxury sector, the PT Torino. These high-end garments range from trousers with a sober and sophisticated design to luxury jeans for men, although another alternative line for women could later be included. At present, PT01 is one of the great values ​​of the world fashion, distributing its products in a large number of countries around the world. Today, the company has different showrooms in prestigious cities such as Milan, Tokyo, Munich, New York, and Turin. Regarding the brand philosophy, the line to be followed by the company has always been to innovate in the fabrics to be able to make pants that can project luxury both in the internal details and in their external appearance. 50 years of history have given rise to experimentation and that is why the brand intends to focus on innovative designs, the result of arduous research in materials and manufacturing methods. At Miralles 1986 we exclusively offer you the latest in dress pants from PT01, a brand that over the years has become a benchmark in the world of fashion.