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Connecting workwear and urban fashion

This brand was born in the early 80s, devised by Diego and Andrea Della Valle. Both appreciated the uniforms worn by the Maine state firefighters, and impressed by the creative possibilities that these pieces could provide them, they decided to create the FAY brand, specialized in clothing for fishermen and firefighters. The first country to be introduced was Italy, to be included in workwear in the context of urban fashion. In the case of the work jacket, it is an element that has been adapted to the urban environment as thanks have passed, in part due to the integrating effort of FAY . A very particular example is 4 Fanci Fay. It is an iconic jacket of the firm, which has been gradually redesigned and integrated into an exclusive catalog, particularly of coats, with a high treatment in terms of top quality fabrics, an exquisite taste in detail, and great functionality in its use. Over time it has been connecting with the philosophy of Made in Italy clothing, with a genuine taste for refinement, the elegance of its finishes, or a high concept of versatility. 2019 has been a look back in the archives of the firm itself, in order to connect the genuine concept of United States workwear and Italian fashion. In this case, Fay Archive takes the spirit with which the firm was born to elevate its origins and extends them to the urban context, or to environments in contact with nature.