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Youth fashion in the purest 'British' style

Located in London, PS BY PAUL SMITH is the British designer's new youth men's collection that includes different colorful garments with top quality fabrics, highly inspired by sports lines and a wide range in denim. PAUL SMITH is one of Britain's leading designers. It is famous for its creative aesthetic that combines tradition and modernity. In each of her garments is her touch. As the designer says, in 1970 he established “the classic in a unique twist” in fashion. Since then, it has founded stores in more than 70 countries, establishing stores in strategic points in different cities, both in shopping centers, airport terminals, central locations ... etc. It has also expanded its dissemination thanks to the electronic commerce generated through its website. PAUL SMITH has become a global icon of fashion and style, generating very genuine characteristics in his repertoire for men's wardrobe. Well-positioned between exclusive fashion and formal wear, in its collections, combines the most casual and sober garments with the most exuberant fashion and striking colors. His references are eclectic, they come from both the art world and elements of everyday life. In each of his garments, PAUL SMITH has in mind the vision that young people have in mind. In addition, popular culture, the environment in which it moves, and current trends are part of its collections. The British brand PAUL SMITH is positioned between casual and conventional fashion and haute couture. Neither its creator nor his team has wanted to position themselves in status in the field of fashion. They have always been proud to remain on the sidelines.