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Handmade sneakers made in Italy

Urban style at your feet RUN OF emerges thanks to the knowledge and passion of Matteo Ciuti, with twenty years behind him in the market of fashion, with years dedicated to automotive innovation, and other moments more focused on product and fashion design. 2020 is a key year, and he focuses mainly on shoes, pieces for which he feels a great attachment. That is why it joins the shoe manufacturer BOEMOS, which will immediately cause RUN OF to see the light on January 9, 2020, with the launch of the BODRUM model, which takes its name from a town in Turkey. These shoes are genuinely Italian, with that characteristic artisan touch, counting in turn with a large number of suppliers from this country. The RUN OF business model is to create unique and exclusive models, with a limited edition release on the market, to be distributed in the best stores in Europe and the world. RUN OF also offers a tailoring and slippers service for all its clients. At MIRALLES SHOP we offer you a unique catalog of this Italian brand distinguished by its craftsmanship and good taste.