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Italian fashion for men

ETRO fashion for men is made with the best natural fabrics and stands out for its elegance and bohemian touches embodied in its t-shirts, pants, blazers and accessories . Founded in 1966 by Gimmo Etro , it continues to be a family business that perfectly represents the "Made in Italy" style. Since 1990, the men's clothing section has been directed by Kean Etro, while Verónica Etro, his sister, directs the department for women's clothing. Jacobo Etro, Gimmo's eldest son is in Milan in charge of the textile section, while Hipólito has taken the reins of the entire accounting issue in Milan.

The men's line, directed by Kean Etro , is undoubtedly a symbol of success that has achieved the differentiation of its garments, not only because of the use of natural fabrics for clothing, but by combining an innovative style with more classic brushstrokes. A detailed investigation of their fabrics makes them garments and accessories for luxury men. Passion for travel and sartorial tradition are the key concepts of his collections. His designs in men's collections have incorporated fabrics such as cashmere, and a taste for prints so that garments of great stylistic baroqueism are obtained, both long-sleeved and short-sleeved shirts, shirts, or pants with a style unmistakable.

In the new ETRO collections you can find both more classic prints adapted to the most modern man, as well as more daring prints for those customers looking for a more different style. ETRO has stores in many places on the planet, exclusive areas such as Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills (Los Angeles, CA. USA), Madison Avenue (New York, USA), Caesars Palace (Las Vegas, Nevada, USA), Via Montenapoleone (Milan, Italy), Bond Street (London, United Kingdom), Via Condotti (Rome, Italy), Barrio de Salamanca (Madrid, Spain), Boulevard Alfonso de Hohenlohe (Marbella, Spain), Taipei 101 ( Taipei) and Avenida Presidente Masaryk (Mexico City, Mexico), among others.