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List of products by brand BERWICK 1707


Shoes inspired by the Goodyear Welt style

BERWICK 1707 is a shoe manufacturing company located in the Albacete city of Almansa. Its origin is in the early seventies of the twentieth century, focusing its production on the design of products with quality, comfort and longevity as recognized hallmarks. Based on the Goodyear Welt manufacturing style, patented in 1871 by Charles Goodyear Jr. using a leather hem sewing machine, a taste for artisan work has been added with large doses of specialization in the sector, after years of in-depth study. and methodology. Featured items such as Berwick 1707 and Berwick 1707 Premium Grade, reference products that, due to their quality and timelessness, can accompany the wardrobe of their demanding customers for many years. Strictly following the standards of quality and environmental care, its components are manufactured in its facilities with the exploitation of raw materials of European origin. The entire production process is followed through a strict industrial work organization, following step by step a series of phases in the manufacture of each of the shoes. It should also be noted that complex processes such as the manufacturing of the heel or the sole are carried out in the same Almansa factory, in such a way that resources are maximized and costs are minimized, in addition to integrating the entire process in the same location, also facilitating quality control.