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An avant-garde and transgressive style

CP Company is an Italian clothing brand founded in 1971 by designer Massimo Osti. Initially named Chester Perry at the suggestion of his fashion entrepreneur friend Corrado Zannoni, his name was changed in 1978 following a lawsuit by Chester Barry and Fred Perry, over the use of his first and last name. CP Company often researches and designs military uniforms and work suits. [3] He became known for his military-inspired functional outerwear and his use of innovative fabrics, processing techniques, and design. His "Mille Miglia jacket" (also known as the "Goggle jacket", 1988), features two clear lenses on the hood, the "goggles", and one on the wrist, for the wristwatch. Since 1975 C.P. The company has produced more than 40,000 garments. Today, the brand has generated a large following within the Dutch "football hooligan" subculture. CP The company continues to offer modern field jackets, soft goggle jackets, goggle sleeve hoodies, and more.